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Do you believe in the electric future? You don't want to be left behind? You want to set an example and electrify others? So do we! Together, we will ensure that your e-mobility projects get the support they deserve.

To this end, SMART/LAB provides you with full support on the subject of funding and is available as a contact partner to advise you on all matters.

- Search for a suitable funding

- Setting up a competent consortium

- Application and communication with the project sponsors

- Project coordination and administration

Get in touch with us.

We look forward to your e-mobility project!


Start the funding

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is well aware of the importance of electromobility. But do you know who to contact there on the subject of funding and where to find the right information, pitfalls and shortcuts in the widely ramified network? You don't need to! With us, submitting applications and communicating with the BMVI is almost a matter of course. Look forward to the future, we will take care of the details.


Bring your projects to life without worrying about stumbling blocks or missed opportunities. SMART/LAB has the expertise in electromobility, and you have the ideas, the customers, the areas, the demand... We bring together what belongs together and access funding opportunities from various sources. Whether it's EMWF, evRoaming4EU, IP4MoVe... we know exactly where your project belongs and can find the right support for it.

Mobile future

Funding applications, handling processes, daring to take risks... and why do all this? It's for a future that doesn't evoke fear but motivates us. It's for exploring new forms of coexistence and mobility. It's for fostering more curiosity and enthusiasm. It's for promoting unity, no matter where you are. By embracing electromobility, you support all of this and so much more. Don't just be a bystander; become a creator. We'll be there to accompany you every step of the way.


Others may offer empty promises, but we bring real expertise and possess the knowledge to propel electromobility forward today and in the future. Our commitment to research and practical implementation ensures that SMART/LAB has amassed a unique wealth of experience. We are eager to share this knowledge with you. That's why we have compiled a wealth of information in our Wiki, covering all aspects of electromobility, so you can access insightful articles and answers to your questions.



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