Teamwork makes the dream work

Diversity, innovation and team spirit

Together, we are shaping the future of electromobility. Our team of 88 employees from 13 different countries is united by a shared passion that drives us forward. But SMART/LAB is not just about the exciting work in a pioneering industry - it's about much more.

Our steadily growing company is characterized by an open and communicative corporate culture. We value the feedback of each individual and believe in the unique strengths that each team member brings to the table. With us, you will find modern working methods, flexibility and support for a good work-life balance.

Our diversity is our strength. With an impressive 43.5% of women in our ranks, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and balanced working environment. This is also reflected in our technical area, where we have 42.4% female representation. We value differences and firmly believe that diversity strengthens our innovative power.

Ivo Althaus

Adriana Parkova


Tilo Kellermeier

Ann Sarlette

Sabine Hakes

Mirijam Schiefer

Daniel Pruys

Aya Muhammad

Ben Lasseur

Anna Repp

Carola Röhrig

Celine Afeli

Amalia Aussieker

Yannik Monnartz

Julian Wannhoff

David Elfi

Zeynep Ok


Georg Von Bonin

Simon Königs

Dilara Demir

Jasper Ewers

Alexander Grube

Thomas Schümmer

Marvin Wachtling

Thomas Henseler

Kira Musiol

Joachim Funken

Koung Tran

Dennis Janssens

Avin Safari Shirzi

Laura Corsten

Laurille Wappi

Julia Cremer

Lekshmi Santhosh Nair

Leonardo Ranck Zingano

Maja Ernst

Manfred Bausch

Marion Kreutz

Caroline Lenau

Max Fischer

Laura Schuppe

Mark Walcher

Dauaride Empere

Lotte Kern

Patrick Neese

Michael Fischer

Muhammet Bilge

Julia Melswich

Rüdiger Schulze

Nico Rogalski

Tobias Bönner

Saba Rezaei

Omid Oveisi

Pascal Beckers

Paul Fritz

Robert Friederich

Petra Klinkhammer

Philipp Nestler

Matthias Blumenschein

Rudolf Eising

Matti Keuneke

Roya Aghsaee

Sabine Schmidt

Samira Twardygrosz

Moritz Dickehage

Dennis Orban

Vittoria Aita

Sunitha Kardivel

Sarah Offermann

Stefan Kothe

Rouven Hövelmann

Nadine Lehmann

Daniel Lenzen

Marius Zähl

Jasmin Atris

Thomas Rahmen

André Ackermann

Tina Persing

George Schuler

Thi Xuan Nguyen

Hiba Saleel

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