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General information about the new laderechnung and migration


You can use the new laderechnung for an overview and independent management of your charging cards, customers and contracts.

An overview of all current and future features can be found here: 

We are moving our billing system laderechnung from emobilitycloud to ladecloud, because emobilitycloud will definitely be shut down in the course of 2023. 

What is the migration process?

We will start with the migration at the end of March. Each individual partner will be transferred to the new laderechnung upon request from then on. Exactly when you will be migrated depends on the delivery of the necessary data, your cooperation and the complexity of your subscriptions.

We can only migrate existing subscriptions to the new laderechnung. If you would like to offer new subscriptions or updated versions of your subscriptions right at the start of the new laderechnung , we will work with you to create or modify these subscriptions during the migration process .

The migration consists of the following steps:

As a partner, you are actively involved in all steps of the migration process marked in red.


Migration proceeds at different speeds depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your subscriptions. Therefore, we cannot tell you now how long the different steps of your migration will take. Once we let you know the migration date and how to proceed, you will get a better individual process overview.

After you have finally released your subscriptions (step 6), new customers can only register in the new laderechnung. Your existing customers will continue to use the old laderechnung until the final GO LIVE (step 9).

During GO LIVE (step 9), all subscriptions in the old laderechnung are cancelled and billing is only done via the new laderechnung. Another 4 weeks later, a so-called "Clean Up" takes place, during which all inactive customer data is deleted.

What do you need to consider during migration if you want changes to your existing GTCs, privacy policy and/or subscriptions?

You must comply with your duty to inform. So, if you adjust your GTCs, privacy policy and/or subscriptions, you must inform your customers within the timeframe provided.

If you want to adjust your subscriptions, there are two options:

Variant 1

We migrate your customer data and all associated existing subscriptions. You can adjust the subscriptions after the migration independently, or during (step 5) in cooperation with us.

This has the advantage that your customers are directly linked to the subscriptions (step 7) and only have to enter their payment method independently (step 8).

Your customers will be automatically prompted to save their payment method. If customers do not save a payment method, and therefore do not agree to the new laderechnung, you will no longer be able to load from GO LIVE (step 9). In this case, these customers still have a transition period of four weeks to save the payment method. If the respective customers do not do this, the customer data of the affected ones will be removed from the database of the new laderechnung after four weeks. From now on, these customers can "only" register in laderechnung like a new customer. No more customer data is stored by them.

Should you wish to make adjustments to subscriptions, you are responsible for informing your customers of the contract adjustments within the prescribed framework.

After the migration is complete, you will be able to manage your subscriptions/contracts independently. This also includes the possibility to change them or create new subscriptions/contracts.


Partial migration of your existing subscriptions is not possible, so you must migrate either all or none of your existing subscriptions.

In a few special cases, we may be forced to implement variant 2. We will be happy to support you in the implementation.

Variant 2

We migrate only your customer data. You can create your customized or new subscriptions as part of the migration (step 5) independently, or in cooperation with us, according to your wishes. 

This means that your customer data is transferred (step 7), but no subscription link takes place. So, in contrast to variant 1, your customers have to select and complete their subscription on their own and save their payment data (step 8).

If customers do not take out a subscription in the new laderechnung, the respective subscriptions to GO LIVE (step 9) will be terminated in the old laderechnung and the affected customers will no longer be able to charge from this point on. In this case, these customers still have a transition period of four weeks to take out a new subscription. If they do not do so, the customer data will be removed from the database of the new laderechnung after four weeks. From now on, affected customers can "only" register in laderechnung like a new customer, because no customer data is stored anymore. 


The advantage of this variant is that you can redesign your subscriptions and tariffs and your customers can also flexibly select their new contract. Please note your obligation to inform your customers and the deadlines to be met accordingly.

What are your options for contract customization after migration?

Once the migration is complete, you have the management of your organization in your own hands. This means you can adjust your contracts and tariffs easily, independently and at any time, naturally in compliance with your legal framework. 

What you need for the query:

The processing of the query cannot be interrupted in between. If you close or refresh the page in between, your previously completed data will be lost. Your data will not be submitted until you have reliably submitted the query and see a success message.

However, you can easily go back and forth between steps during editing to make corrections, as long as you have filled in all mandatory fields.

The clerks of the old loading invoice are not automatically transferred.
You must designate at least one clerk.

After submitting the query, you will receive a copy of your completed query sent to the specified mail address.

If you have any further questions about the new laderechnung or the migration process, please write to us at the following mail addresses:

ladenetz.de Partner: ladenews@smartlab-gmbh.de

ladebusiness Partner: persing@smartlab-gmbh.de

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